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AWStats: Page not Found Analysis

AWStats logo This is an active list of problems and solutions found in the Pages not found section of AWStats traffic report.


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Page not Found Analysis

This is the first place I head. It is amazing how many broken links exist on websites. Note that SE =search engine. Listed are several types of problems you may find. An example URL and referrer are given along with possible fixes. If a referrer is missing it means the URL was entered directly and not clicked on.

1. If you see an odd URL from a familiar referrer, the URL may be commented out on the referrer web page. I'm not sure why comments are parsed unless a bot does it.

URL: /my-images/myimage.gif

Fix: The images are in a directory that is secure; i.e. it requires a password to get into.

URL: /oc/
Referrer: none

Fix: is on a page in the oc directory without the http before it. This scenario happens when a return URL is needed (as a parameter in another URL for example) but the http part is not supposed to be specified. For example:

<input name="return" value="" type="hidden" />


<a href="">Price</a>

URL: /my-images/myimage.gif

Fix: The is trying to hotlink your image but cannot find it. Good thing. I had this happen when I found a site was hotlinking an image and I renamed the image.

URL: /

Fix: The problem was an image link to had the image's longdesc attribute filled out with the text: " homepage link". Since longdesc is a link the text was interpreted as a URL.

URL: test.htm

Fix: test.htm was uploaded for testing but deleted. Even though there was no link to test.htm apparently the search engines picked it up anyway.

URL: /howto/%22mailto:news&

Fix: This was an example of using the mailto html command. The SEs picked this up as a real email address. You can spell out colon or something else so it does not look real. This is also not a good idea since spambots can easily grab the email address and use it. Read about how to avoid this problem.

URL: unknown web page

Fix: If you see odd pages here, such as forms you do not use, it is people trying to find out if you have a particular form so they can exploit it. Old web pages may be in the list, too.

URL: /_vti_bin/shtml.exe/_vti_rpc

Fix: Looks like a FrontPage or Expression Web hidden directory was uploaded to the server. FP/EW have several hidden directories, all beginning with an underscore '_'. The do NOT need to be uploaded to the server. Here is a list:

  • _borders
  • _derived
  • _notes
  • _vti_bin
  • _vti_cnf
  • _vti_pvt

This usually happens when an external FTP program is used to upload the web site. FP/EW will not upload these directories. Delete the server copy only.