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AWStats: Frequently Asked Questions

AWStats logo Frequently asked questions.


  1. Acquire AWStats, other programs, and pertinent information
  2. Install AWStats on the 1and1 shared server
  3. Install AWStats on your computer
  4. Set up the AWStats config file
  5. Create a usable log file
  6. Create/update the AWStats database
  7. Create a traffic web page
  8. Create report batch files
  9. Analyze the traffic page
  10. Tasks

Extending AWStats

  1. Extras
  2. Geographic Plug-ins
  3. How To


  1. Glossary
  2. FAQ
  3. Pages not found FAQ
  4. Stop Referrer Spam

Q: Will installing AWStats on my local computer affect my online AWStats?
A: No. They are completely disjoint. Everything online is on your server while everything local is on your computer.

Q: Running make-weekly-reports.bat hangs.
A: 1. In awstats.weekly.config make sure DNSLookup=0.