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OptionCart Requirements

The Option-Cart Catalog requires a web host that gives PHP 5.3.0 and mySQL 5.0.67 or higher (earlier versions are not supported but may work - current versions recommended), and phpMyAdmin for database uploads. You must have a web host that provides PHP and mySQL.

OptionCart products work on both Windows servers and Linux/Unix servers, provided they have PHP 5.3.0+ and mySQL 5.0.67+ installed.


You must be able to FTP files and change file permissions to use the system. The files themselves require about 1.2 MB of space, minus the database.

Web Host Requirements

phpMyAdmin for database uploads. (If you do not have phpMyAdmin, we can install the database for an additional fee.) You must have a web host that provides PHP and MySQL.

We will need temporary access to your site for installation. We will contact you once we receive your order to get the following info:

  • Temporary FTP access
  • Control panel access

Occasionally, hosts have special PHP or MySQL setups, including PHP run as CGI and PHP setups that do not use the standard configuration, and therefore may require additional catalog modifications that are not included in the setup costs. If your web host's server does not have standard PHP configurations or requires special modifications, we will contact you with the proposed costs before the modifications are made.

Web Page Requirements

Your catalog page must contain only HTML code if you wish us to integrate your site design into your catalog. If your catalog includes SSI, CGI or other scripting components, there may be an additional charge to integrate your catalog template. Frame sites or sites with FrontPage components sometimes need additional integration work as well. If your catalog does have components that cannot be easily integrated without additional work, we will use one of our free templates and give you instructions on how to integrate your design, or we can assist you with your catalog integration for an additional cost.

Inventory Control and Mal's Shopping Cart

Inventory control requires payment systems that use the Mals remote call feature. Therefore inventory control will not be automated on any web site that uses third party payment systems that do not utilize this feature, which include but are not limited to LinkPoint, Mirapay, Netbanx, Nochex, PayByCheck and PSIGate. A list of these systems can be found at Mals payment processors.

If you have any questions as to whether your host has the necessary requirements for OptionCart, please send an email to your host with the above needs.