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OptionCart Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of information is needed to install OptionCart?
A: Access to host account to create the database, OptionCart database tables, and permissions.
Database login to set up OptionCart software.
ftp login to upload OptionCart files to the server.
Access to Mals to set up inventory callback.

Q: I set up a wholesale account. How do I use it?
A: After adding or editing vendor information, send your vendors to to log in and shop for items. They will receive their discount on all products in your store.
OptionCart will reduce the prices according to the wholesaler discount when you order.

Q: If I run out of a product (i.e. inventory is 0) does OptionCart tell the customer?
A: Yes. A message appears "Item is temporarily out of stock" and the order button is hidden to prevent the customer from trying to order anyway.

Q: Inventory does not work.
A: Make sure your Inventory Quantities (under Products > View Items > Edit on the 3rd page) has a positive number in it.
- Make sure the callback in Mals cart setup is set correctly.

Q: When is inventory adjusted?
A: After the payment is completed by the merchant account. Mals is notified by the merchant account (in most cases) then issues a callback (set up in Mals advanced cart setup) which calls oc's finish.php which adjusts the inventory in its database.

Q: My thumbnails are not perfectly square, but the cart is forcing the set size (125x125 in this case). Is there a way to have them be no wider than 125, but flexible on height? Or vice versa?
A: Leave one of the settings blank and the thumbnail will then be proportional. Leaving both blank will work but loading may look funny for a very short time because the browser cannot allocate space for the image until it knows the image size.

Q: How to I add a gift message for an item?
A: In the item's Option page choose "Memo Field" as the type and enter in "Gift Message" for the name. Note this has to be done on a per item basis.