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Website Tools and Validators

Here are some very helpful tools for the website developer. These tools are as-is.


  1. HTML Validation - Validate a web page to HTML or XHTML standards
  2. CSS Validation - Validates a CSS style sheet
  3. Link Checker - Validates the internal and external links on your website
  4. Robots.txt Validator - Validates the robots.txt file
  5. RSS or Atom Feed Validator - Validates RSS or Atom feeds
  6. WAI Validator - Validates a web page for either section 508 or WCAG accessibility standards
  7. Flash player version - Shows current version and has download link.


  1. PageRank Calculator - Calculate Google PageRank for a web page
  2. Gradient Maker - Create gradient images
  3. Website Performance Tool - Measures the loading time of a web page
  4. Image Optimizer - Optimizes images for your website
  5. IP Lookup - Look up information on an IP address
  6. Resolution Changer - Preview webpage in different resolutions
  7. WhoIs - Lookup registration information on a domain
  8. Better Whois - More complete lookup registration
  9. Domain Lookup - Quick domain search
  10. Email Address Encoder - Convert an email address or URL into character encoding
  11. Email Blacklist Checker - See if your email server is blacklisted. It may explain why some email does not arrive
  12. Password Generator - Generate random password up to 40 characters
  13. Show Your IP Address - Display your IP address