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Email Address Encoder Tool

This tool converts characters to their character encoding form (CEF). For example an 'A' is represented by A Any browser will convert the CEF and display the character. So if A is sent an 'A' will show up in the browser.

The CEF idea is to prevent spambots from scraping an email address off a web page and using it for nefarious purposes.

To use the encoded address tool, paste the code directly in to the source of your HTML page in the position where you want the e-mail address to appear or type in what you want converted (it does not have to be an email address - URLs can be encoded, too).  If you would like a "mailto:" hyperlink to also be encoded around your address, then be sure to select the "include mailto link" tick box below.

E-mail Address or URL:

Converted E-mail Address: HTML Source

Include mailto link.