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AWStats: Glossary

AWStats logo Terms you should know when using AWStats.


  1. Acquire AWStats, other programs, and pertinent information
  2. Install AWStats on the 1and1 shared server
  3. Install AWStats on your computer
  4. Set up the AWStats config file
  5. Create a usable log file
  6. Create/update the AWStats database
  7. Create a traffic web page
  8. Create report batch files
  9. Analyze the traffic page
  10. Tasks

Extending AWStats

  1. Extras
  2. Geographic Plug-ins
  3. How To


  1. Glossary
  2. FAQ
  3. Pages not found FAQ
  4. Stop Referrer Spam


The total file size sent from the web server to the end user. This does not include HTTP headers in served objects, HTTP request headers from users, nor bytes needed by the underlying network protocols
HTTP Header
Every HTTP transaction with a server sends a header with it. Click for a list of HTTP headers
Referring URL
The URL, from the web page perspective, that points to it. You can tell who is visiting your web page by looking at the referring URL which is contained in the HTTP header.

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