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Selling Words

Add some variety in word selection. Powerful adjectives can add to the sales bottom line. Sometimes the number of characters is limited, like in ads, so your choices will be limited.

Alternate Words

word alternates
cheap inexpensive, economical
easy effortless, quick, painless, simple, no fuss
excite electric, thrill
exciting electrifying, thrilling, vibrant, sensational, alluring, sizzling, spicy, sassy, delicious, jaw-dropping, stimulating
expensive luxurious, classy
experienced talented, trained, professional, recognized, ingenious, savvy
fast rapid, speedy, instant, quick, swift
good looking ravishing, dazzling, gorgeous, radiant, glamorous, eye-catching, head-turning
informative enlightening, eye-opening, useful, influential
large great, grand
luxurious rich, lavish, sumptuous, superior, grand, elite, treasured
more additional, further
nice charming, fine
pretty nice-looking, elegant, lovely, exquisite
fabulous dazzling, splendid, breathtaking, majestic
simple effortless, trouble-free
useful practical, valuable