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Mals Remote Call Return Field List

Mals return field layout

field list returned from remote call.
All are POST or

username Your username  (your Mals ID) D1234556 Char(8)
id Customer/Shopper ID. Order ID. Generated by Mals. 81343431 Int
ip The customer's IP address Char(15)
date Date/time the order was placed 21 May 2010 - 19:00 Char(20)
giftvouchers each delimited by ~. amount:name:email:message   char(240)
giftvcode Gift voucher used to pay with   char(15)
giftvamount Gift voucher amount   dec(13,2)
method payment method ie Card, Check, MO Paypal Char(15)
pay_data A pipe | delimited list of data relating to a payment (PayPal Payer ID, etc.) CNEXZ78CL3WGG|verified char(200)
cart Each product is delimited by a ~ and description, quantity, price, shipping units,stock code by colons :   blob
discount Discount given for coupon   dec(13,2)
subtotal subtotal   dec(13,2)
shipping value of shipping   dec(13,2)
tax Sales tax amount   dec(13,2)
total Total value of order   dec(13,2)
shipping_zone shipping to zone 1,2,3...   tinyint
shipping_calc Data from shipping calculations   char(100)
inv_name Name on invoice   char(50)
inv_company Company name   char(40)
inv_addr1 Address 1 usually street address char(40)
inv_addr2 Address 2 usually the city char(40)
inv_state State NV char(25)
inv_zip Zipcode 89052 char(15)
inv_country Country   char(15)
del_name Name to deliver to   char(50)
del_company Company   char(40)
del_addr1 Address 1   char(40)
del_addr2 Address 2   char(40)
del_state State   char(25)
del_zip Zipcode   char(15)
del_country Country   char(15)
del_tel Ship to Telephone number   char(20)
tel Telephone number 909-555-1212 char(20)
fax fax number   char(20)
email Customer email address char(50)
currency currency code  0=$ 0 tinyint
extra Unsecure payment option data   char(200)
vval Discount voucher value   dec(13,2)
voucher Discount coupon ID   char(15)
message Customer message   blob
inv_id   blob
edata Extra customer data fields   char(240)
sd Your session data   blob

cart example:
First product description:1:9.99:0:PX001~Second product description:2:8.99:0:PT0045