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Notepad Tutorial


Notepad is a handy program that a user can type in text quickly and easily. It is not for publishing a book but more of a scratchpad. This is a tutorial on how to use Notepad.

What will be taught

  • Opening Notepad
  • Saving a document
  • Printing a document
  • Opening an existing document

Open Notepad

To open Notepad click on start > All Programs > accessories > notepad

Click here for a screenshot of Notepad

To enter text, just start typing in Notepad.
If you make a mistake typing you can backspace over it.


To save your work click on File > Save and if you have not saved it before a screen will appear.

Click here for a screenshot of Save dialog

For now, make sure the Encoding is set to ANSI.


To print File > Print...  The three dots after the word Print means there will be another screen that pops up. This is a Windows standard.

Click here for a screenshot of the Print dialog

 Select the printer you wish to print to then click the 'Print' button.


To open an existing notepad document click on File > Open...

Click here for a screenshot of Open dialog

If you have not saved a document you are working on, Notepad will ask you if you want to save it or discard it. The Open window appears (note the word 'open' in the title bar) which allows you to browse to your existing document.

Note the File name has a *.txt which means when you browse for your already created document only notepad type documents (those ending with .txt) will show up in the Open window.

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