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Firefox Add-ons

FireFox logoHere are some helpful Firefox add-ons recommended by Smartlab Software. We use these nearly every day in our web site development.

ff add-ons download status page speed session manager xtotal validator xweb dev xyslow colorzilla firebug fiddlerhook flash block image download measureit searchstatus xtab mix plus wot

This add-on blocks all Flash, Shockwave, and Authorware content from loading. Placeholders are displayed instead of Flash. To show the Flash, click on the placeholder and it will appear.
Flashblock saves a lot of browser load time and hides a lot of ads.

Checks links on a web page. Colors the links green if they are ok.

McAfee Site Advisor
Site advisor gives safety information whether a site has issues with it, such as spyware downloads.

Session Manager
I use this one all the time. Session manager saves the previous ten sessions which can be reinstated. It also can recover crashed sessions.

Point your cursor to a color on the screen and ColorZilla will tell you the RGB and hex value of it.

You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. Very helpful for debugging JavaScript.

Lynx Viewer Tool
View a web page as a search engine sees it. All images and other superfluous baggage are stripped out so only text is shown.

Tab Mix Plus
Manages tabs such as duplication, closing, and more.

Analyzes a web page for factors that contribute to slowing it down.